Datalimit Plans

Stplnet is an Internet Service Provider busy in offering Internet and similar value added services to its customers. You can easily stay connected with your loved one through special data limit plans available at Stplnet. Now you can easily take benefit from the superfast Internet from any location or any time!          

1 Mbps Plans: Stplnet offer customized plans for our users. You can make selection from 1 Mbps plans available for you. Here, you can easily enjoy internet browsing without any difficulty.

2 Mbps Plan: Now, Stplnet offer 2 Mbps Plan for the esteemed users who really wish to enjoy the chating with their family and friends. Book the plan at really affordable rates.

4 Mbps Plans: If you are looking for some high speed with your internet, choosing 4 Mbps Plans are easily available for you. Ideally find fast speed and quick page loadings.

8 Mbps Plans:  Stplnet assures for high speed internet services for the users. You can take benefits from 8 Mbps Plans available for you. They are simply perfect to use at the work place.

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