Unlimited Uses Plans

Are you an internet user who is looking out for unlimited uses plans? If yes, look ahead with Stplnet as we have perfect internet plans for you. It is better to rightly valve into the Stplnet internet advantage which brings you the top internet plans in city. The web optimized network provides seamless coverage and reliable high speeds so that you enjoy more time you log in. Simply click and open up. 

4 Mbps

  • Rs 800
  • Reliable Speed

6 Mbps

  • Rs 900
  • Reliable Speed

8 Mbps

  • Rs 1200
  • Reliable Speed

10 Mbps

  • Rs 1600
  • Reliable Speed

20 Mbps

  • Rs 3000
  • Reliable Speed

Unlimited uses plans are perfect for those users who have to do more internet usage needs. Whether you are using the internet for office or simply working as a freelance, Stplnet understands your needs in better way. Simply contact our experts at Stplnet and we can share the best plan for you. The unlimited uses plans are not just affordable but offer high speed as well. Find out more information on unlimited uses plans now!

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