Commerical Plans

Are you looking for fast and reliable business internet services? If yes, it is a right time to find internet service that keeps up with your increasing business requirements quick speeds, no data caps and perfect bandwidth management. Find speed 1 Mbps Plans, 2 Mbps Plans, 3 Mbps Plans, 4 Mbps Plans, 6 Mbps Plans, 8 Mbps Plans and 10 Mbps Plans. Find complete peace of mind with 24/7 availability of internet. Stplnet have special unlimited commercial plans for the esteemed users and giving your online deals a new edge. 

2 Mbps

  • Rs 2000
  • Reliable Speed

4 Mbps

  • Rs 3500
  • Reliable Speed

8 Mbps

  • Rs 6000
  • Reliable Speed

10 Mbps

  • Rs 8000
  • Reliable Speed

1 Mbps

  • Rs 1100
  • Reliable Speed

Ideally, select a plan that’s appropriate for your business. Now, it is a right time to find more from your Internet plan.  Now, you can quickly complete your online tasks. Select a plan below that rightly fits your requirements of your business and we'll take care of the everything. Contact the team of experts in case of any query and problem.