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Stplnet offers special plans for the societies and apartments. Now, it is easy to look ahead with Wireless & Wired Technology to confirm faster and quick installation. Wireless networks are highly adaptable as well as expendable. We are assured for 99% service uptime. We guarantee that our connection will be always there when you need it. The entire team of expert assures for best quality service and technology ensures that connection downtime is least, if it happens at all.

Fixed connectivity with Stplnet, you can look forward to trustworthy and blisteringly fast connections with the least of downtime. You can ideally select from 1 Mbps Plans, 2 Mbps Plans, 3 Mbps Plans and 4 Mbps as per your needs. According to the speed, you can unlimited plan for personal usage. You can speak to the customer executives anytime in case of any kind of issues with Apartment plans. 


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